Domain name monitoring

Domain name dashboard

A domain name's dashboard provides a quick overview of the domain name's status and incident history. The dashboard is available from the domain name list. Click on the domain name to open the dashboard.

The dashboard displays the following information:

Domain name detail dashboard

1. Header information

The header displays a quick overview of the domain's health (green = healthy, orange = expires soon, red = expired and gray = unknown) and the timestamp of when the domain's information has been last fetched from the registry.

2. Nameservers

This section shows the domain's current nameservers.

3. Summary

The summary section contains of two cards, one for expiry date and healthy information and the other for the domain's registrar and less-important timestamps.


This section shows the domain's DNSSEC status. It displays the DNSSEC status, and if signed, the current key tag, algorithm, digest and digest type.

5. EPP statuses

This section shows the domain's EPP statuses.

You can click on the status to see more information about the status.

6. Incidents

This section shows the domain's incident history. It displays the incident's type, timestamp, and the incident's status.