Notification Channels

Notification channels

A notification channel is a way to receive notifications when an incident is triggered. You can create as many notification channels as you want, and you can use the same channel multiple times.


You can add tags to a notification channel so it only triggers for incidents caused by monitors with the same tags. For example, you can create a notification channel that only triggers for incidents caused by monitors with the tag production.

For more information, refer to the monitor tags section.

Voice/SMS credits

Voice and SMS notifications are a paid add-on. Every time a voice notification is triggered, 2 credits is deducted from your account. Every time an SMS notification is triggered, 1 credit are deducted from your account.

In the Pro and Scale plans, you receive 25 and 100 voice/SMS credits per month respectively.

You can purchase additional voice and SMS credits from your team's billing (opens in a new tab) page.

Test notifications

You can send a test notification to a notification channel to make sure it's working as expected. To do so, click three dots next to the notification channel and select Send test notification.


Keep in mind that sending a test notification for voice and SMS channels will deduct credits from your account. However, testing a voice channel will only deduct 1 credit instead of 2 as it sends an SMS first.


The following integrations are available: