Infrastructure monitoring

Agent (spectated)

What is it?

The Spectate Agent is a really small application that runs on your server as service and sends data to the Spectate API. It's written in Go and is designed to be as simple as possible.

Installation is as simple as running a single command and you're done. The agent will automatically start sending data to the Spectate API.

Supported Platforms

The Spectate Agent is currently tested and therefore supported on the following platforms:

  • Ubuntu (x86_64, arm64)
  • Debian (x86_64, arm64)
  • CentOS / Red Hat (x86_64, arm64)
  • Rocky Linux (x86_64, arm64)
  • AlmaLinux (x86_64, arm64)
  • Fedora (x86_64, arm64)
  • MacOS (x86_64, arm64)

According to some clients, it also works on:

  • OpenSUSE MicroOS (x86_64)

Please note that we do not officially support these platforms yet, but we are working on it.

There are plans to support Windows in the future. If you need Windows support, please let us know by contacting us via email or live chat.


Please follow the installation instructions when creating a new server in the Spectate dashboard.


If an upgrade is available, there will be a notice in the dashboard with instructions on how to upgrade. Just a single command!


Depending on your platform, the configuration file is located in one of the following directories:

  • /etc/spectate/config.yaml
  • $HOME/.spectated/config.yaml

The configuration file is in YAML format and looks like this:

checks: # Configuration for check strategies
    exclude: # Exclude certain filesystems or mount points from being checked
      devices: []
        - squashfs
        - vfat
      mount_points: []
    exclude: # Exclude certain network interfaces from being checked, wildcard * is supported
        - utun*
        - llw*
        - awdl*
        - ap*
        - bridge*
        - anpi*
        - gif*
        - stf*
        - en*
    include: # Include allows you to override the exclude list to still include certain network interfaces
        - en0
        - eth0
        - lo0
  token: <YOUR UNIQUE HOST TOKEN> # The token is generated upon installation
  error_reporting: true # Enable or disable error reporting to our Sentry instance to help us improve the agent
version: 1

Source Code

The Spectate Agent is open source and available on GitHub (opens in a new tab).

Go Report Card (opens in a new tab) Go Reference (opens in a new tab) GitHub release (latest SemVer) (opens in a new tab) GitHub (opens in a new tab)